Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Voyages of THE GOLDEN RULE Peace Boat

Join us for a radio show online on Sunday 7 November 2021 at 11 AM Pacific. 
Call in number 310-861-2349.

The Golden Rule: Sailing for a nuclear-free world and a peaceful, sustainable future!

Learn about the small boat with a big mission to stop nuclear madness and militarism in the world.

Take Action to stop the possibility of nuclear war!

Helen Jaccard, the Golden Rule’s Project Manager, will talk about the original 1958 voyage of the Golden Rule peace boat, which played a role in stopping nuclear bomb testing and inspired the founding of Greenpeace.

Since being rebuilt by Veterans For Peace, the Golden Rule has sailed up and down the West Coast and to Hawai’i and back with a message of peace and nuclear abolition.   The mission is to educate the public about nuclear issues today and encourage people to take action to end war and the possibility of nuclear war.

At all ports-of-call, the Golden Rule Ambassadors lead educational discussions, conduct boat tours, and take people sailing on this historic wooden boat.  Their guest speakers are local and national activists working on intersecting issues.

Contact Data


Snail mail: PO Box 87, Samoa, CA 95564


Phone Number: 206-992-6364

Helen Jaccard
Veterans For Peace

Golden Rule Project Manager

The Golden Rule will be in San Diego County January 14 - February 11.  

If you belong to a church, civic club, school, indigenous tribe, political or social group in San Diego County, please invite us to speak to your group!  

You can call Helen Jaccard at 206-992-6364 or to arrange an educational presentation / discussion, a boat tour or a chance to go sailing!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Future of Medicine - Photodynamic Therapy and Nano-medicine - Radio Show

The Future of Medicine - Photodynamic Therapy and Nano-medicine

Join us for this online radio broadcast (Podcast) With Dr. Michael Karlfeldt as we discuss The Future of Medicine – Photodynamic Therapy and Nano-medicine. 12 PM – 2 PM Pacific Call in number 310-861-2349

Ask Dr. Karlfeldt questions live. Please call in and share this broadcast.

Learn About: Chronic disease management (Cancer, chronic infections, autoimmune, neurological) using a targeted nutritional delivery system, laser therapy, repurposed drugs, peptides  and nutraceuticals.

Topics to be discussed:


Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is one of the most interesting and promising approaches for the treatment of various cancers and illnesses. Non-toxic dyes known as photosensitizers are administered systemically, locally or intravenously, and accumulate in the tumor or other lesions. Intravenous and interstitial illumination with visible or infra-red laser light excites the sensitizer, which in the presence of oxygen, produces reactive oxygen species that mediate cytotoxic effects. Undesirable cells such as infectious microbial cells or malignant cancer cells can be selectively killed by this approach.


Intravenous PDT brings light directly to the bloodstream through optic fibers inserted through a catheter in a vein. The blood is exposed to different colors, wavelengths, of laser light. This process, called blood irradiation, heightens the body’s immune response to kill infections, circulating tumor cells and tumor stem cells.

Nanomedicine, an offshoot of nanotechnology, refers to highly specific medical intervention at the molecular scale for curing disease. Nanomedicine technology inspired by platelet-derived microparticles (PMPs). These membrane fragments, PMPs, shed from activated platelets. This type of delivery system’s advantages are that there are no detrimental side effects, and the practitioners can use a hyper-targeting system to get the drugs, peptides and nutraceuticals exactly where they are needed.

Practitioners could also utilize this type of technology to accelerate regenerative therapies, such as those for the bone, vascular, heart, cartilage, bladder, and brain tissue that aims to restore, maintain or enhance tissues and hence organ functions.

Contact Dr. Michael Karlfeldt  

HealthMade Radio



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Phone 208.338.8902 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Millionaire Mentor Series Part 2: 3 Common Tax Mistakes People Make in Retirement Planning

Millionaire Mentor Episode 2: 3 Mistakes People Make When Planning/Not Planning for Retirement

This is a radio show. Call in Number 310-861-2349

11 AM to 1 PM Pacific, Sunday 8 December 2019

Archived version will be available after the broadcast, so, if you miss the live show, catch the recorded version!

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My cohost Greg Ludwick has earned millions of dollars in the financial services industry.

He is going to share his knowledge with us today about effective tax treatment with regard to retirement planning. Join us and learn.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Millionaire Mentors: Learn 31 Financial Facts You Need To Act On Immediately

Greg Ludwick, Co-Host

This is a radio show. Call in Number 310-861-2349

11AM to 1 PM Pacific Sunday 24 November 2019

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What is better than being mentored by millionaires and taught financial literacy?

Our co-host is Greg Ludwick, a financial services expert with more than 30 years of experience in financial literacy education. He has earned millions!

Listen as he describes his new company Virtual Financial and how they are the Uber and Netflix of the financial services industry.

Virtual Financial provides a new innovative approach for middle American families to meet virtually online "Collaborative Sales" with an experienced financial consultant with no cost or obligation and get a Financial Needs Analysis to help them get on track with cutting edge strategies to reach their dreams and goals. 

Explore how you can better protect your family and achieve financial goals without necessarily spending more money. 

Learn how you can get a free consultation and financial needs analysis completed in the privacy of your own home, VIRTUALLY, with no consultants coming to your home. 

Learn how you could get stock market-like returns on your retirement savings, but with the guarantee that you could never lose your principal or gains. 

Learn how you could get a tax-free income when you retire and possibly guarantee that income as long as you live. Join us. Share this broadcast and come back for the continuing series of Millionaire Mentors as we feature millionaires regularly on our show.

Recent California Business Journal Article on Virtual Financial

Learn More Here

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Belinda Parker-Brown: Fighting Modern Day Slavery and Injustice in Louisiana

Belinda Parker-Brown: Fighting Modern Day Slavery and Injustice in Louisiana

This is a radio show, 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, Monday 2 September 2019.

Belinda Parker-Brown is a force to be reaconed with in Loisiana. As a private citizen, she tired of mass incarceration and injustice and began to fight back. After seeing hundreds of innocent people freed from the largest prision system in the world, The State of Louisiana prison system, she is going back for hundreds more as A FORCE FOR JUSTICE. 

A massive rally is planned to protest injustice in Loisiana at the state capitol building on 5 October 2019. Learn of the details and objectives of the rally. Learn about the victories and the possibilities for the future and how we can all work together to reform the penal and injusitce systems of America.;Register for the rally NOW.
Become a much needed sponsor here: Learn more about Belinda at Please share, come, support!

Voyages of THE GOLDEN RULE Peace Boat

Join us for a radio show online on Sunday 7 November 2021 at 11 AM Pacific.  Call in number 310-861-2349. The Golden Rule: Sailing for a nuc...