Friday, May 10, 2019

Easy to be Killed or Jailed: Absence of Press Freedom

James Risen discusses the need for protection of press freedom. Learn of the importance of the Press Freedom Defense Fund. Explore how reporting is being criminalized.

Daniel Hale is a drone whistle blower. Through his reporting, I have learned that the United States government can kill anyone, anywhere at anytime. 

  • How are the decisions being made? 
  • Can drones be used against people here in the United States as they are against people all over the globe? 
  • Why is it that we are not having a discussion about how the national security state is deciding who lives and dies? 
  • What does Jeremy Scahill's report on the Kill Chain reveal?
  • The documentary National Bird by Sonia Kennebeck reveals no one is held accountable for drone attacks, assassinations. 

Mary Hooks reveals how poor people are being held in jail for extended periods with no trail and without being found guilty, because they do not have bail money. Explore the abusive court bail system and why it must be abolished. See 

  • Black Moma Bail Day has been established to seek the release of as many black mothers from jail who are detained simply because they do not have money. 
  • Sandra Bland ended up dead because she could not pay a $500 bail. 
Mike Spies discusses the NRA implosion following a series of school shootings.

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